March 3, 2016
Replay XD
March 3, 2016


Safariland: Operation Shift

We were asked to help pitch the idea of shooting a major content production for Safariland showcasing new products in an authentic way. We brainstormed ideas on how to create the story, where to shoot the production, who to include in the film, and what scenes could show off the products in use. The storyboards were used to pitch the idea and get the budget for the short film. In addition, the storyboards were used for pre-visualizing the shots with the crew that was responsible for shooting it. You can see some shots that were framed identically to the storyboards. There was obviously some transcreation between a team of videographers out on site and our thoughts on paper months before but the look and feel remained true to form, and we were excited to see the end result.